Introducing the 2014 President's Club

Verathon needed an epic video to introduce the venue for their 2014 President's Club - a week long event that includes the top salespersons of the year. We came up with a work hard play hard theme that would make Michael Bay shake in his boots.

Paint the Town Red Summerfest 2014

We helped bring the canvas and the paint to promote the World's Largest Music Festival with some 'rockin' creative (yes we went there). We served up social media strategy and stunning video production that covered the entire two week festival. 

Milwaukee Home

An iconic brand for an iconic city. We were more than excited to rebuild a new online store/website for one of Milwaukee's trendiest retailers. If you don't have one of these shirts yet, you should probably consider buying one right away - it's what the cool kids are doing.

Pizza Shuttle

If you had a look at our services, you probably noticed that Pizza is one of them. Besides being distracted by all of the tasty pies Pizza Shuttle has to offer, we craft the conversation behind the 'za with oven-baked social media strategy.

Eagle Lake Island Lodge

A friend of ours owns an island and yes it's as cool as it sounds. It's in the middle of nowhere in Ontario and takes about a day to get there. So, if you're into fishing and the great outdoors check out this video for a breath of fresh air.